8 Ways to Be In the Top 10% of Your Niche from Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée – Awarded by The Human Resources World Congress as A Top 100 Executive Coach on LinkedIn

  1. Clarify Your Life Purpose
  2. Act and Live With Integrity
  3. Master Your Emotional Intelligence
  4. Master Your Communication Skills
  5. Be Vigilant with Your Truth
  6. Become an Authority
  7. Know Yourself – Your Skills, Abilities, Strengths and Preferences
  8. Manage Your Personal Brand

Managing Your Personal Brand

Personal Branding is all about the image of you. The concept doesn’t only include style, and how you look but also the image of confidence, capability and the quality of your work. The image perceived may be of high competence, excellent quality, reliability, integrity and more.

Personal Branding is about you and how you are different from the others with whom you are competing. The purpose of a brand is to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Once you make a distinguished impact, then promoting your brand can be much more effective.

Your personal success can be determined by your brand. Branding includes many factors which help you be successful. These factors may include what is on Face book, personal marketing efforts, and anything that gives you an identity.

Investing the time to take care of your brand will ensure you have an even greater chance of success as you make your career move or a new venture. You may improve your personal brand by association. You know the saying: “Birds of a feather flock together.” Be aware however, that branding by association with without demonstrable credibility, outcomes or performance is an act of fake. You may choose to fake it before you make it, yet in the long run your credibility needs to stand the scrutiny of results.

This is even more important when you are working internationally, changing jobs, careers or undertaking new ventures.

So, what does your Personal Brand Image Consist of?

It is made of several things, but primarily they are:

  • How you come across to others
  • How you portray yourself
  • How you work, perform and deliver
  • What you stand for: your values, beliefs, principles and practices

All of these go towards making up your Personal ‘brand’ or ‘image’.

Establishing A Good Personal Brand

One of the most important and often overlooked ways of establishing your Personal Brand is by building credibility and confidence.

This is a critical step to take before you make your career move or transition.

You are the best judge of your own credibility.

Look yourself in the mirror (if you need to) and ask yourself:

  • How do others perceive me?
  • Do others perceive me as a person with confidence, credibility or someone who is shaky?
  • Do I think I will be successful in my undertakings?
  • Am I a person  with the solid credibility or someone who appears shaky?

You may think that going to a new employer or undertaking a new venture may not be an issue if you have a shaky credibility since no one knows you. No, you need to think twice. Your shaky credibility will come through in many ways – usually how you portray yourself subconsciously to your new employer or in new relationships.

Sometimes it could be through a reference check. At other times, it may show itself through your poor performance after you have been employed.

It is just not worth it. Consider developing a solid credibility before you make your career move or undertaking a new venture.

Build Your Credibility and Your Personal Brand

There are some simple yet powerful ways to build up the credibility of Your Personal Brand.

You can do this by:

  • Improving performance in your present job, profession or niche
  • Adding more value in your present job before you make a change
  • Establishing strong and positive relationships with people, stakeholders, your team members, your subordinates, your own leader and other leaders
  • Engaging with others regarding your career or business
  • Being strategic with build your network: people you can trust, people of influence, people with expertise, marketing and PR
  • Exploring your business, career goals and interests with your mentor
  • Enhancing your repertoire of skills
  • Taking action on your development plan
  • Reviewing and taking action on your psychometric feedback

Your brand awareness and your brand essence can be strengthened by tailored executive coaching. it is my experience that all top performers have a range of coaches.

  • Do you aspire to be in the top 10% of your niche
  • Are you constantly being overlooked?
  • Do you know how to build and mend relationships with people?
  • Are you competent at putting people at ease?
  • Do you know how to influence people?
  • Have you developed your emotional intelligence?
  • Are you aware that emotional intelligence can be developed?
  • Are you getting the best from your team?
  • Do you know the problems that can stall a career?
  • How resourceful are you?

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