Title: Leadership Codes Workshop™

Date: 11 July 2018

Venue: Crown Plaza Battersea

Title: Leadership Codes Workshop™

This is a one day workshop that serves as an introduction to seven Leadership Codes™ with underpinning personal development from both The Emotional Capital and The Lumina Leader Reports. The value of the profiles alone is £500.00.

Participants will be introduced to a broad overview of the seven Leadership Codes™ followed by guided enquiry through the application of The Thinking EnvironmentThinking Council Model to exploring the Leadership Code™: Courage.

The application of emotional intelligence is central to leadership and a body of knowledge points to the link between leadership excellence, high performance and emotional intelligence. Participants on this workshop will have the benefit of their Emotional Capital Report as the basis for even more structured development and coaching follow-up sessions.

How do you square the Leadership Code™: Connected  with your Lumina Leader Profile? Your Lumina Leader profile points four areas of leadership domains, leading with vision, leading through people, leading with drive and leading to deliver.

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The workshop is primarily facilitated by Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée CBE, business psychologist, certified high performance executive coach and multi-awards winner.

Dr Neslyn has a strong tract record in Leadership Excellence and she is committed to giving you high value and exceptional experience to impact your leadership.

People who have worked with Dr Neslyn have said:

Thank you very much again for shining my path and the paths of many, many others with your touch of inspiration, selfless pursuit for others.

You taught me how to take my first steps during the years when I was (still am to a degree) an infant in the field of management so if I am allowed to say it – I see you as my inspiration.

We choose Beacon because our previous experience of working with Neslyn and her team was that she is delightful, flexible, highly resourceful and knowledgeable and able to deliver high quality programmes that make a huge personal difference to the individuals involved.

Neslyn delivered an amazing workshop for our Board, which built expertly on the session that had gone before around business development and strategy, which she observed, and then with much mastery she managed to capture the essence and power of Emotional Intelligence to enhance our performance still further linking the delivery with the subjects raised in the preceding discussions. Emotional Intelligence served as a reminder of what our organisation considered to be at its business core – passion, partnerships, co-operation and action orientation. Neslyn’s mixture of delivery methods and practical applications will help even the most doubting of participants to fully appreciate and experience the potential of Emotional Intelligence to turn the everyday interaction into something special. 

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Part 1 – Workshop Outline:

0830 Registration

0900 Introduction to The Leadership Codes™

1115   Refreshment

1130  Thinking Council addressing issues relating to ‘courage’

1230  Lunch

1330  Application of Emotional Capital to Leadership Codes™

1500  Refreshment

1515    Introduction to Follow Up and the Application of Lumina Leader

Leading with Vision

Leading Through People

Leading with Drive

Leading to Deliver

1645  Review and close of Part 1

Part 2

1715 Networking

1800 VIP Supper