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Emotional Capital Development Programme

Who?  For business and individuals

How? We work with your business internally through consultancy and coaching


We work with you and your team to assess your needs and build bespoke programmes and coaching package.

Did you know that the top 10% of people are emotionally intelligent – they are self-aware, self-confident, self-reliant, adaptable and optimistic? They have relationship skills and consummate communication skills with soul?

Emotionally Intelligent People outperform their peers and they score significantly higher on emotional self-knowing, self-actualisation, empathy, inter-personal relationships, adaptability, problem-solving and stress management?

Emotional Intelligence has hard science underpinning it and Emotional Intelligence affects our ability to make decisions?

Did you know that Emotional Intelligence can be measured and developed?

How aware are you that Emotional Intelligence is reflected in relationships?

Our Emotional Capital Development Programme is focused on development for Directors, Team Leaders, Consultants, Teachers, Lecturers and HR Professionals.  The Programme enables assessment and development of emotional intelligence in leaders. Programme participants will have access to comprehensive materials to support the introduction of emotional intelligence into their organisations as well as a step-by-step approach to interpreting and applying emotional intelligence in order to improve leadership performance.

What do people get?

  • Uncover the science behind emotional intelligence and emotional capital.
  • Learn the emotional and social skills that drive effective leadership.
  • Asses and build their own emotional intelligence and leadership success.

What People say?

  • ” An eye opener. The interactive sessions. Thought provoking concepts”
  • “I’m now more willing to see the other point of view”
  • “I found the workshop very helpful, identified a wealth of information”
  • “Stopping to think about my everyday life/work in term of EQ.  Every leader/manager should have this!”
  • “Very inspiring, enlightening and interesting.  I would recommend this course to many of my colleagues”
  • “Very enlightening, some good tools for the boardroom.  Encourages reflection”
  • “My thoughts and feelings are that I have learnt more about myself and learning to deal with others.  The programme has helped me to take forward how to deal with difficult situations.  It has been a wonderful experience”
  • “A dynamic and insightful Programme”
  • “I am seeing the power of relationships through new lens”
  • “I’ll use the information with my team”
  • “Now I know what to do about my self-confidence”
  • “I now know that I can better connect with my team by being more empathetic”
  • “A light bulb moment – thank you”

The Testimony of a client:

At first I was skeptical about the impact of emotional intelligence on business performance. I was introduced to Dr Neslyn by a friend in the field of health service. Dr Neslyn offered me a complimentary  coaching session, which I accepted. This led to me agreeing to engaging Dr Neslyn for three what I would call exploratory experience. Dr Neslyn soon brought to my attention that based on the issues that which I was concerned, if I wanted my business to be even more successful I needed to take my senior team with me in terms of building our emotional capital. I thought this is a typical sales pitch but something within me said: give it a try.  I am glad I did, the impact on the business was amazing, within three months of the senior team and me working together on our self-awareness, awareness of  the impact we were having on each other, relationship skills, our levels optimism and what we thought was possible for and within the business; we began hitting and surpassing our targets consistently. I began to model Dr Neslyn’s methodology of the Thinking Council to get the best thinking of everyone prior to final decision.  I found the development to be extraordinarily  helpful and it applied to my whole life as a parent, husband and chief executive officer. Most empowering was the discovery of my self-awareness and my intuition, when I take the time to listen both to myself and to others. I have become even more conscious of the importance that emotions have on thinking and decisions. As a result I am training myself to listen to my senior team and the staff in general.  I see the impact on me and the business when I fail to take the time that I need to listen and give space to think and plan. Following the seven workshops on emotional capital, there are a number of things that I am now doing differently; I am more self-aware, more self-controlled, I am listening for possibilities rather than what might not work and I am more aware generally.  I am now using a coaching approach when I give feedback to my direct reports and I encourage them to do the same with their direct reports.  In meetings, I am more patient and suspend judgement of myself and others. I am beginning to take an honest look at what I am thinking and feeling as well as what I need from the meeting and why. This has opened up a deeper level of understanding  and trust. Thank you Dr Neslyn.  -Nick Smith, CEO

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