Breakthrough Coaching For Leaders Who Are Passionate To Be In The Top 10% of Their Niche

A cutting edge 6 months experience to release your leadership strengths, creativity, vision and intelligence for £5,555.55

Who is the breakthrough-coaching programme for?

This breakthrough-coaching programme is for you an executive director who aspires to be in the top 10% of your niche. This programme enables you to develop your leadership resilience, breakthrough possible self-doubt and psychological barriers with confidence. Coaching Approach and Methodology:

The Thinking Environment® Coaching (developed by Nancy Kline ) is used as a foundation in my coaching practice. This coaching approach has been described by coaching experts as the most effective client-centred coaching method on the market. It puts the independent thinking of the coachee at the centre, coaches are enabled to think for themselves: to go beyond dependence on the coach’s views, guidance or analysis; and to come up with ideas, directions, understanding and solutions for themselves that can be staggeringly accurate and imaginative.

The quality of our thinking depends on the way we treat each other while we are thinking. Ten behaviours are employed to generate the finest independent thinking – Ten Components of a Thinking Environment®. In the presence of these ten behaviours coachees think for themselves with rigour, imagination, courage and grace.

 Emotional Intelligence – The Emotional Intelligence Smart Coach developed by Roche Martin is used to support some coachees. The focus is on an overview of ten competencies that supports the development of emotional capital through the application of emotional intelligence. Coachees are enabled to focus on optimism, self-reliance, assertiveness, self-confidence, relationship skills, self-actualisation, and empathy.

Each focus is explores psychological insights and practical strategies. The coachee is coached step-by-step in the practical skills that build emotional intelligence. Progress is monitored and measurable ROI is visible in both individual and team.

When working with teams, the Emotional Capital assessment (which produces the Emotional Capital Report) can be delivered to a team (and its leader) to analyse and summarise the team’s building blocks for high performance. The model and framework help focus on the steps a team can take. Beacon draws on the research on Emotional Intelligence and your success (Stein and Howard); at the heart of star performance, the factors that are most likely to be translated into success are assertiveness, empathy, happiness, self-awareness and problem-solving.

High Performance Coaching

You are enabled to:

  • Master your psychology and learn how the world’s most influential people think
  • Focus on your goals and the important areas of your life
  • Define your purpose
  • Develop your clarity and identify the areas where you are uncertain, unclear or directionless
  • Assess how much energy you have each day and how to amplify your energy to higher levels
  • Develop and master your courage, productivity, influence, persuasion and commitment to high performance will will also provide you with a suite of psychometric tools to enhance your position, as well optimise your communication skills. In addition, the possible guesswork on how to influence others will be reduced.

Do you wish to excel in Your leadership?

Take the opportunity to raise your game, shoot for the stars and be in the top 10% in your market niche through a structured coaching programme to develop your potential even more.

Are you ready to shoot for the star with this breakthrough coaching?

If so:

  • Do you know the five things that can stall your career?
  • Do you know how your relationship skills are impacting people at work and in your life?
  • Did you know that you could improve your emotional intelligence?
  • Are you aware of the effects of low and high self-esteem?
  • Do you know how you measure up against proficiency, work orientation, patience, fair-mindedness, loyalty disclosure, and initiative?
  • Have got the tools and insight to have runaway success with your teamwork?
  • Have you experienced breakthrough coaching on your leadership profile?
  • Are you an expert in management but lack the skills of being a leader?
  • Have you got the tools to enable you to move your leadership from the ordinary to the extraordinary?
  • Have you got a plan to raise your profile and double your income?

If you answer No to one or more of the above questions, then breakthrough coaching programme is for you.  Email and request a complimentary strategy session.

You Have A Guarantee to Succeed

You have three months to test the outcomes and if you are not satisfied you will receive a no quibble refund of your investment.

Irrespective of your current awareness you will be enabled to achieve even better results through building on your strengths and you will gain insight on how to leverage your signature strengths.

You will receive monthly face-to-face contact for six hours; a portfolio of profiles that will position you to advance your career and impact your leadership. You will receive leadership coaching; systems to plan your success and an accountability programme; you will have access to a mastermind programme and you will have unlimited communication by telephone and email access.

Why is this breakthrough coaching important for you?

You may find yourself being passed over for the ultimate promotion when you are unaware of the five things that can stall your career. Furthermore, your relationship skills have a direct impact on your: competence, reliability and your capacity to connect optimally with people.

To reach your full potential, you need to build your emotional intelligence and there is a significant body or research showing that emotional intelligence is linked to successful performance in the workplace. If you have high emotional intelligence you will outperform your peer with high IQ but who lacks high emotional intelligence. Low self-esteem is a cornerstone for depression and low self-esteem affects the decisions you make in your career.

Teamwork makes dream work and if you are unaware of your team management profile and how to create and sustain high preforming teams you may find that you limit your outcomes and the profitability of your business.

People buy into your leadership before they buy into your vision so it is critical how you show up as a leader. Without insight and understanding of your leadership profile and the impact of your profile you are likely to be unaware of how to adjust your style for optimal results. The impact that you will have as a result of this coaching experience will double your creativity, influence and performance. It will be the best £5,555.55 that you will spend.

Do you know how to inspire others to be great?

You must understand yourself and your impact on others better than anyone else.

  • Do you know what you want and what you need?
  • Do you fully understand how others see you?
  • Does your environment clash with your values?
  • Are you clear on your vision, your purpose and what you believe in?

Why Now?

 The quality of your leadership and your leadership response matters; because we live in a fast paced and interconnected world where life is accelerating and challenging, where breakthrough technologies, demographic shifts and political transformations have far reaching societal and economic consequences.

The influence you have on your teams and ultimately your business cannot be understated.

As a leader, you have a major role in setting the vision to achieve the goals of your business; as well as creating a motivating environment for people to add value and achieve the goals of the business.

The way you show up – the way you are being – will shape the way people think and behave – you are an influence the culture of your business and in the long-term the effectiveness and performance of your business.

What does Neslyn bring to your breakthrough coaching?

  • Neslyn is a qualified business psychologist with 25 years experience as a Board Director inclusive of 10 years as Chairman of a Board with responsibility for £500M. In addition, Neslyn steered the performance management development of a national bank in Jamaica in preparation for merger with an international bank.
  • Neslyn has a history of performance and has developed leadership and career development programmes for the National Health Service in England, The BBC and 22 Multi-National Companies in London.
  • Neslyn has a string of awards – a selected few are Business Excellence Award, sponsored by American Express, Gold Standard Award for improving Employee Potential; National Training Award and Consultancy and Training Awards.
  • Neslyn has had the following recognition from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 for Leadership and Innovation: Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and Queen Elizabeth 11 Medal.
  • Neslyn brings a tapestry of experience from education and knowledge of how adults learn, leadership in health services as well as board experience and consultancy to leading national voluntary organisations in the UK.

How Will The Breakthrough Coaching Programme Benefit You?

  • You will have one-to-one laser like listening to your issues, concerns and your aspiration.
  • You will be facilitated to think within a thinking environment.
  • You will understand your leadership style, review the impact of your leadership, your influencing style and plan to experience even more extra-ordinary success.
  • You will receive feedback based on a number of psychometric tools and you will know how to leverage your influence, leadership and team working styles.
  • You will have action strategies to improve your emotional intelligence and relationship intelligence.
  • You will have access to a mastermind webinar with focus on high impact performance.
  • Neslyn offers a range of measurement tools that meet rigorous psychometric standards and are designed to develop you as a leader who is grounded and responding to the demands of the real world with consistent and successful solutions.
  • In this structured coaching programme you will be even more prepared to lead with questions, vision, communication, values, recognition, connection, character, efficiency and empowerment.

People who have accessed this coaching programme have said, as a result of the programme they have:

  • A clear vision on where I am going and how to get there
  • Focused clarity on what matters most
  • A sharp sense of who they are
  • Purposeful goals
  • Strategies to map and navigate their territory with ease
  • Clear communication including conflict resolution, negotiation and influencing skills

A Few Testimonies

“Neslyn is a consummate professional and has been of great service to me at critical career moments.  I have sought her counsel and her wisdom to build, reenergize and discover new paths and purpose in the work that I do.

 Her considerable experience evokes thoughtful storytelling ideas, coupled with non-judgmental questioning.  This method gently guides and allows self- discovery of personal truths.  Neslyn is not afraid to combine very traditional and more experiential forms of coaching; delving into aspects of personal power, spirituality, energy and more routine cognitive learning approaches.

 Neslyn has leveraged her personal network of contacts (which is considerable) to stretch my thinking, make ideas tangible and further personal and commercial success.  She demonstrates selflessness and an understanding that I have seen in her work with me and which is gladly reciprocated in the people that she has introduced me to.  Each of them is pleased to help because of the association to Neslyn and because they wish to repay a past kindness to her.

 Her political awareness, formed through the rich career experience are finally to be commended.  She is adept in thinking through the levels of relationship in a situation and offering objective counsel.

 I have no hesitation in recommending her to you.”

  • Chris Yates

Founder Ethical Organisational Design 2012

Group Head of Organisational Development HSBC Group 2008 – 2012

VP Capability & Talent American Express GRoup 2004 – 2008

Director of People and Organisational Development at Caterpillar Inc

 I found I was able to be quite honest with Neslyn, and immediately acknowledged that I was feeling resistant to coaching. It was clear she was not phased by this and I felt deeply accepted where I am. 

I have been looking for this level of acceptance for  a long time as it is one of my biggest challenges!

 Neslyn through her compassion, integrity and vision is able to see both the current challenges and the much bigger picture for my life, even when I am lost in an emotional or spiritual fog. It is very important to me to bring together spiritual depth and practical wisdom in the world and this is exactly where Neslyn shines. 

 Neslyn addressed my mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing in a very effective and exciting way and I look forward to see how the journey unfolds. I have much more clarity now about the bigger picture and it is a matter of filling in the details and the steps on the path. Neslyn helped me to be clear that there is enormous potential and own my own power again.”

  • Sandra Gilfilan

 February 15th 2015 was one of the most significant experiences in my life. I spent the day with Dr. Neslyn Watson-Druée. It was a one on one coaching session with her to help me with identifying my strong areas as well as to facilitate in identifying what am I supposed to further achieve in my life. 

 The very rigorous process of meditation was helpful in going down into some of the deeper issues and bring it to surface. One of the issues that I had been carrying with myself for the last 7 years was surfaced and very professionally handled and guided through the healing process.

 Connecting the discussion with the future plans Neslyn encouraged me to put down my ideas in a pictorial form to put down my broader vision /bigger picture. Through this process I was led to put down some key strategic interventions and identify some of the major hindering factors. 

During the discussion she also kept sharing the resources on Leadership.

I will never forget the day and it will play a pivotal role in my personal life and leadership journey. 

 Dr. Neslyn has such a humble but powerful approach towards coaching which has helped me get my focus back by overcoming some of the events in my life that were bothering me It gave me a pathway to be more close to God and the Holy Prophet. 

Special gratitude to Dr. Neslyn for her time, humility, integrity & love which has given me a sense of direction for my life. It was a powerful experience. This will also enable me to positively influence people around me.” 

  • Minhas Tejani, Principal
  • Jaffery Academy Mombasa

A brief description of two profiles that you will receive

The CPI 260 (California Psychological Inventory®) is a sophisticated personality assessment that provides deep and complex insights for leadership development.

CPI 260: a vibrant portrait of how others see you

The CPI 260 personality assessment provides a distinctive view of leadership characteristics.  The instrument uses a sophisticated technique to extract detailed insights about your personality, it is able to summarise and explain how other people would see you, and how others would judge your leadership style. In this way, it provides a unique view of your leadership ability or potential that cannot be accessed by most other personality assessments.

CPI 260 – key features

  • Measures work-related characteristics, motivations and thinking styles using 26 individually researched trait measures
  • Gives feedback on how you measure up against 18 leadership competencies, showing which are you strengths and development areas
  • Looks at your motivation and current level of satisfaction

 The Lumina Leader Model

This model teaches you how to lead:

  • With Vision – Passion for learning, strategic thinking, inspires and energises others and champion innovation
  • With Drive – Drive and determination, purposeful argumentation, provides clear direction and strives for excellence
  • Delivery – Calm under pressure, data gathering and analysis, holds self and others accountable, planning and follow-through
  • Through People – Integrity and trust, interpersonally astute, coaches and develops others and win-win partnering

Take Action Now

If you who are sitting there thinking I would love to have the experience of being in the top 10% of my niche rather than reading.  For what has brought me success at the highest level, winning many awards and Queen Elizabeth 11 Personal Medal for Leadership, how many people have you met who has the Queen’s Personal Medal?

What you will learn, has enabled hundreds of leaders to be even more outstanding and could easily do the same for you, if you register and let me work with you. So I invite you to experience a strategy session now for the Breakthrough Coaching Programme. has enabled hundreds of leaders to be successful.

What ever your decision, I want to thank you so, so much for being on this page on breakthrough coaching, I trust that you allow me to be of service to you. I believe that my life’s purpose is to empower you to be the most outstanding leader that you are capable of being, to lead you to your greatness, enabling you to be the best you. Peace be with you and blessings in love and light.

Invest £5,555.55 and step up to this Breakthrough Coaching Programme for 6 Months to double your creativity, influence, impact  and high performance.

Once you engage Coaching with  you will have immediate access to the following:

  1. Digital Book – The Book on Purpose by Neslyn Watson-Druée
  2. Digital Book – The Powerful You by Neslyn Watson-Druée
  3. Digital Book – 10 Steps to Awesome Motivation by Neslyn Watson-Druée
  4. Digital Book – Authentic Self: Be You by Neslyn Watson-Druée
  5. Special Report – A Perspective on Leadership by Neslyn Watson-Druée
  6. Summary of 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
  7. Jim Rohn Leadership Journal
  8. CD How to Use a Journal with Jim Rohn
  9. Access to Mastery TV
  10. Book: The Concise 48 Laws of Power