Being Your Best

This post opens up possibilities by focusing on 12 Tips To Enable You – Being Your Best each day.

  1. Feed your brain with something positive each day, the right nutrients that will sustain you to be your best. So choose wisely the food that you eat. Feed yourself with the right literature to enable you being your best. Monitor your thoughts, your thoughts today will create what you have tomorrow and subsequent future. Your thoughts create resonance and what ever you are resonating you will draw to you. Focus deeply on your most important project. It is a cosmic law that what you focus on will expand and your energy will go to what you are giving attention.
  1. Remind Yourself Each Day Of Your Purpose. You will find that you achieve more in life when your top three goals each day are connected to your purpose. ( offer workshop on Finding Your Passion and Purpose)
  1. First, focus on your most important issue; it is easy to get distracted by the agendas of other people, emails, a number of issues and outside demands that are crowding for your energy and time. Make your first task the task of prioritising your top five goals for the day.
  1. Say No to tasks that are not among your priorities. Give your full and complete attention to what you are currently focused on. It means turning off your smart telephone when you are in meetings and when you are having downtime. It means focusing on the meeting you are in, so that you can concentrate and give better input as well as conserving your decision making energy.
  1. Invest in carving out quality time and protect that time. Quality time is time when you are able to focus and think deeply on what is important to you and what you want to achieve. Build in time to connect. This is connecting to anything – whether it be people, animals, nature or the wider world. As a human being you do have an innate need to connect with people. Be aware that ignoring your social life will probably impact your health and well-being as well as your mental performance. Invest in playtime, this is about time with friends, going to see a movie, going to the theatre, watching comedy or playing with a child – it is all about novelty connections and fun. You have similar need for play as an adult to a child. Among the reasons why you play are the need to: learn, create, focus, compete, be challenged, be co-operative, experience pleasure, fun and joy
  1. Remember to exercise each day, even walking for 10 minutes each day will give you added benefits – when you exercise you generate more oxygen to your brain and you flush out the toxins and improve the coherence between the left and right sides of your brain. Your Mental Performance Improves With Exercise
  1. Get to know yourself, know your peak times. Be aware that your energy wanes as your sugar level drops. Work with your flow and get things done in your peak times.
  1. Avoid multi-tasking. Your brain is much more efficient when you are focused on one single thing at a time, be aware that multi-tasking can lead to decreased performance. When you have two or more things to do, focus on the most important first, and then sequence your next task until you are complete.
  1. Decide what you want to get out of each meeting prior to attending the meting. What is your focus for the meeting? Will you be focused on: Vision? Planning – Detail? Delivery? Evaluation? Or Drama? You will achieve more by focusing on an inspiring vision of the future. Be conscious of where you need to be at the end of each meeting and be aware of the most effective way to get to your next appointment. Know that conversations will tend to expand to fill the time available, so stay focused on your outcomes for the day.
  1. Being your best means consistently paying attention to your attitude and your state of mind. Learn to maintain a positive state of mind because 90% of your success is related to your mind-set. This is exemplified in the work of Stanford University Psychologist Carol Dweck  – Mindset: The New Psychology of Success – Carol presents an enquiry into the power of your beliefs – conscious and unconscious – and how even the simplest change in your belief can have a profound effect on your life. Your brain will automatically move you away from pain and towards pleasure, so the perspective you bring to bear on how you view an issue is important. Change your perspective and you will change your outcome.
  1. It is important to allow yourself to rest so do carve out downtime. When you create downtime, you find that you get a lot more insight into your mind. Downtime is anything that is non-goal-focused. Maybe your down time is your leisure time, reading a novel, meditation, listening to music or what ever is of interest to you. This allows your brain the important time it needs to recover as well as allowing space for your sub-conscious connections to come to the surface to solve complex problems.
  1. Celebrate small wins. Celebrating your wins matters because wins contribute to boosting happiness and the more happy you are, the more productive you will be – a University of Warwick study confirms that happy people are about about 12 percent more productive  so breakdown you large goals each day into smaller goals and celebrate your wins. Being Your Best is about being successful in whatever way you define success and consistently moving forward to more complete achievement of your goals and your happiness.
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