Being Authentic and Confident

Authentic Choice- Be You - Front Cover

Signed Copy of Dr Neslyn’s Book will be available at Authentic and Confident Workshop


Only the truth of who you are, if realised, will set you free

  • Eckhart Tolle – A New Earth

Being Authentic and Confident – Workshop 30 November 2016

  • Venue: Crown Plaza – Battersea, London
    Time 0900 – 1700 hours
  • Did you know that being authentic is one of the most challenging yet one of the most important aspect of your growth as a human being?
  • Did you know that authenticity elevates your business above the competition?

Is your life False – Are you living your version of yourself?

  • How honest and truthful are you with yourself and others?
  • Are you confident – How in touch are you with yourself?
  • Do you have the courage to be yourself?
  • Are you being held back from your dreams and passions?
  • Are you living a life based on the expectations of others?

Most of the literature on leadership focuses on being confident, being confident enables us show others that we know where we are going and that they should follow us there, in essence gaining their buy- in.

However getting buy-in or truly winning people over starts with knowing what you care about, and then being able to express that in ways others can relate to, which can be termed as being “authentic”, being authentic articulates and identifies what you stand for and where you’re trying to take yourself and the world.

Becoming a more authentic leader means being yourself wherever you are, when we are authentic we are congruent with what we are trying to do in our community, our lives and our work, in other words “we talk the talk and walk the walk”.

When we are authentic our values shine through, and it is these values that make or break “ being a leader and being a follower. When we are authentic others will naturally follow along enthusiastically.

The Being Authentic and Confident Programme is designed to support you to be a more Authentic and Confident Person. You will learn how to be true to yourself and project your strength. Your confidence is your ability to act on your inner authority, your true self. You will learn 5 Ways to gain authentic confidence and you will go through a six-step process to build your authenticity and confidence in 12 areas of your life.

Are You Ready?

  • To transform and confront your fears?
  • To express yourself fully and with confidence?
  • To deal with conflicts directly and resolve them effectively?
  • To take risks and go for what you truly want?
  • To have more freedom, peace and confidence in your relationship, your work and your life?
  • To elevate your business above the competition?

Why attend this workshop?

This workshop is focused on you waking up to your full potential and a level of conscious awareness of who you are. It is about you connecting deep within you and learning to trust your inner wisdom.

What if you could stay in a heightened state of conscious awareness, a state of peak experience and a heightened state of appreciation and personal authenticity on a regular basis?

During the workshop you will get in touch with what robs you of your authenticity: environmental and familial, social and cultural, personal and psychological influence, thoughts and fears.

You will learn the benefits and rewards of being authentic and confident.

For you to become more real and authentic in your life it is important that you take full responsibility for how you internalise the external messages – You will be taken through a seven-step process that that clears you of your myths and limiting beliefs and open your greater mind to the possibilities from the quantum field of open potential.

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