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To View Click Once On Image Below So what do I mean by resilience? It is that central quality to absorb pressure without being defeated by the pressure. Drawing on my personal experience of over 25 years on Boards including 10 years being Chairman of a UK National Health Primary Care Trust; I have found […]

Being Authentic and Confident

Signed Copy of Dr Neslyn’s Book will be available at Authentic and Confident Workshop   Only the truth of who you are, if realised, will set you free Eckhart Tolle – A New Earth Being Authentic and Confident – Workshop 30 November 2016 Venue: Crown Plaza – Battersea, London Time 0900 – 1700 hours Did you […]

7 Steps To Becoming A Great Leader

In this blog introduction to 7 Steps to being a great leader, We present a short introduction to: Clarity Communication Courage Connected Creative Calm Committed Clarity Great leaders have clarity. Clarity of vision, mission, purpose, plans and goals – centred on achieving value for the customers and clients. Communication Great leaders are exceptional communicators because […]

Being Your Best

This post opens up possibilities by focusing on 12 Tips To Enable You – Being Your Best each day. Feed your brain with something positive each day, the right nutrients that will sustain you to be your best. So choose wisely the food that you eat. Feed yourself with the right literature to enable you […]

A Life Changing Event for You, A Committed Leader

This is a call to action for a life changing event for you, a committed leader Are you interested in expanding and developing your leadership? Do you want to share with a group of highly conscious people are committed making a difference in the world? Would you like to be the kind of leader who source, […]

111 Global Leadership Academies – The Leadership of Hope

Passionate leaders are the purveyors of hope; when we review the archives of history, we see that among the forceful distinctions of leadership, is a leader’s ability to generate hope. So how does Neslyn.com consider the distinction of hope? In establishing 111 Global Leadership Academies, Neslyn.com under the umbrella of LeaderShapeNow, consider hope to be […]

Star Performing Leaders

Star Performing Leaders It is highly recognised that emotional intelligence skills are central to successful leadership. Emotional skills are sometimes brushed aside as soft skills. Soft skills are sometimes broken down into personal attributes, such as: optimism, common sense, responsibility, a sense of humour, integrity, time-management and motivation. In addition, interpersonal abilities, such as: empathy, communication […]