A New Kind of Leadership

“ . . . the idea of the future being different from the present is so repugnant to our conventional modes of thought and behaviour that we, most of us, offer a great resistance to acting on it in practice.”  – John Maynard Keynes, 1937

We are at a critical juncture in the history of human kind and a new kind of leadership is required to lead us into a new optimal world. The world is changing and we are entering a period of instability.  We are expecting to see significant trends within the next 3-4 years such as:

  1. Mobile devices are ever increasing. The primary method of communication in most businesses is by mobile devices. A new kind of leadership is needed to prepare both suppliers and purchasers for this increasing trend.
  2. Substantial numbers of new internet users are coming on-line, primarily from Africa, Asia and Latin America. As an entrepreneur it is essential to be internet savy. As a supplier, if your on-line offer is absent, then you are missing your share of the world sales.
  3. Organisations need to be flexible with a new kind of leadership, many projects will be managed on line, business may need to invest in creative, innovation and inspiring modes of production, learning and development opportunities.
  4. New technologies and new sciences will provide wider access to education, supply and demand. Hence, people will be empowered to reduce poverty. Economic trends suggest that there will be a growth in the global middle class, greater educational attainment, widespread use of new communications, manufacturing technologies, advances in health-care such as gene therapy and gene technology.
  5. Population trends show that approximately half the world’s population is under 27 years in age.

These trends raise significant questions

  • What do we mean by a new kind of leadership?
  • How will we lead in the future?
  • What is the education curriculum for the leaders of the future?
  • How will those in leadership response to global volatility and imbalance of resources?
  • Will there be a new kind of leadership to enhance the empowerment of human kind and release creativity of everyone for a new optimal world?
  • Will rapid changes and shifts in power and resource distribution lead to more interstate and intrastate conflicts?
  • What will be the role of emotional intelligence in reducing conflicts?
  • How will we use new and emerging technologies to provide energy, clean water and shelter
  • How will new technology boost economic productivity and solve problems?

So lets be optimistic and say solutions exists, in the face of those solutions what will be a new kind of leadership?

In addition to the trends already mentioned  there are tectonic shifts—critical changes to key features of our global environment that will affect how the world “works” .

The growth of the global middle class constitutes a tectonic shift: for the first time, a majority of the world’s population will not be impoverished, and the middle classes will be the most important social and economic sector in the vast majority of countries around the world. Individual empowerment is the most important mega-trend because it is both a cause and effect of most other trends—including the expanding global economy, rapid growth of the developing countries, and widespread exploitation of new communications and manufacturing technologies. (Source Mega Trends 2030)

www.Neslyn.com holds the possibility for a new kind of leadership. A leadership where the aspiration of human beings are encouraged. A world in which there is adequate nutrition for all, primary health care is more accessible to all, people are sheltered and there is care for their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Join the movement on the Future of Leadership, envision a new kind of leadership, become a game changer and cause a change in the world.


What are the benefits of joining www.Neslyn.com?

  1.  You will be a founding member and stakeholder in The Future of Leadership community, which is bringing together some of the world’s brightest and most influential leaders who will be instrumental in establishing Leadership Academies around the globe over the next decade and promoting a new wave of leadership.
  2. As a member you will have access to cutting-edge information and leadership development opportunities, including preferential invitations to member events, workshops and seminars that explore high performance and leadership competencies.
  3. You will have advance information about, and priority access to, opportunities offered by our sponsors and partners.
  4. You will be part of a mastermind group of inspiring leaders who come, in both the real and the virtual world, and to plan, discuss and network with a view to furthering the enquiry into leadership and the development of entrepreneurialism, especially among young people, women and minority groups.
  5. Founding members who are not part of the leadership team will also have a wide range of opportunities, big and small, to get involved with the Leadership Academies – both as individuals and on an organisational level – to provide services and make other key contributions
  6. Most importantly, you will be among the first to be offered the opportunity to head up – to lead, oversee, or become an ambassador for – one of the one hundred and eleven Leadership Academies being established by this community over the next twelve months in each of the major cities around the globe and/or to work closely with Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée on the International Steering Group for the international development of the Leadership Academies.
  7. When you join http://www.Neslyn.com/  as VIP member access pass, you will be invited to special VIP lunch, you will cover the cost of your lunch and you will have participation privileges, valued integrity partners discounts, prior knowledge of imminent opportunities, first right of refusal on new offerings and profits.
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