111 Global Leadership Academies – The Leadership of Hope

Passionate leaders are the purveyors of hope; when we review the archives of history, we see that among the forceful distinctions of leadership, is a leader’s ability to generate hope.

So how does Neslyn.com consider the distinction of hope?

In establishing 111 Global Leadership Academies, Neslyn.com under the umbrella of LeaderShapeNow, consider hope to be a human factor that is dynamic, powerful social capital sustaining innovation and creativity.

Why is hope a key distinction within the creation of a new kind of leadership?

Leadership and hope are universal to human beings, leaders have always used hope to influence their behaviours and actions to make a difference in every aspect of human endeavour.

Leaders are agents of change, they epitomise a cause in the action; leaders within the role of change agents affect other people more than other people affect them. Within 111 Global Leadership Academies there lies The Future of Leadership, where a new kind of leadership is emerging. A leadership that calls for a new order, new vision for human potential, new priorities, new perspectives, application of new technologies that work for people, to release creativity and harness human potential.

111 Global Leadership Academies exists to enhance peoples’ creativity and to emphasise the strength that people exhibit rather than the symptoms of psychological pathologies. 111 Global Leadership Academies are here to give a hand up with peoples’ projects, plans and resources rather than giving a hand out.

The ultimate goal of 111 Global Leadership Academies is to understand and build the factors that allow individuals, communities and societies to flourish.

The empowering context of 111 Global Leadership Academies is to create an activating force that enables people, even when faced with the most overwhelming obstacles, to envision a promising future, to set, pursue and get goals that lead to wise choices to be healthy, wise and free. This is what 111 Global Leadership Academies believe to be the leadership of hope.

Within the empowering context of 111 Global Leadership Academies hope is comprised of emotion, thinking and feeling as well as a desire for a better future and future that works for everyone. 111 Global Leadership Academies led by Neslyn.com stand for leadership that opens up choices for each person to maximise his or her potential.

When you and everyone else on the planet get the joy of living your purpose and passion, then Neslyn.com get the joy of living with purpose and passion. For as long Neslyn.com exist, until you and everyone else on the planet get the understanding of a purpose driven life and the joy of living with purpose and passion, then the work of Neslyn.com is not complete. The hope of 111 Global Leadership Academies as envision by a strong ambassador, Baroness Debbie Stedman-Scott, deputy leader in the House of Lords, UK Parliament; is a world that adds value to people’s lives and a world in which no young person is on benefit.

I invite you to join the movement of The Future of Leadership, a new kind of leadership that creates a vortex for hope through 111 Global Leadership Academies. A vortex in which optimism and hope are intertwined; optimism moves towards goals and valued results and – hope is focused on setting goals and getting goals in order to attain a positive outcome for the future; with equal weight to both optimism and hope.

The Future of Leadership, operationalised through 111 Global Leadership Academies and is a movement whose time has come. The values of 111 Global Leadership Academies are underpinned with:

  • High self-esteem – arising from successful pursuit of your valued goals and entrepreneurism.
  • Self-efficacy – that is activated when you are faced with situations that calls for your self-empowerment and a belief in your capacity to achieve your desired goals. The stronger your reason for the goal, in other words, the stronger your why? The stronger your self-efficacy.
  • Self-Awareness – an important competency of the emotionally intelligent person. Emotionally intelligent leaders are aware of their emotional experience and they know what they are feeling most of the time. They have the capacity to recognise how their feelings impact their personal opinions, attitudes and judgements. (Roche Martin Emotional Capital Report). When you have signature strengths in self-awareness you will find that you begin to build your awareness muscle and you begin to scan the environment: physical, social and economic with awareness.
  • Hope and goal getting – as a catalyst for entrepreneurism, future action and results. There are distinct differences in how you may approach goal getting depending on your hope orientation. If you have high hope you will pursue your goal with affective zest and in contrast if you have low hope you will demonstrate affective lethargy in pursuit of your goals. In addition, high hope people not only energetically pursue their goals, they also generate more goals and are able to use feedback to generate successful goal attainment strategies.

Neslyn.com is leading the establishment of 111 Global Leadership Academies. The first academies will be established in mega cities where there are more than 10 million people in those cities, followed by others.

The first academy was launched on 1 May in Milan http://www.expo2015.org/en/learn-more

Join the movement of The Future of Leadership by becoming a member with the membership model of Neslyn.com. Should you wish to lead or supervise the leadership of one or more of the 111 Global Leadership Academies, then please send an email to Neslyn@Neslyn.com and you will have a integrity interview with Neslyn and her Partners.

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